When the sunshine beckons and the backyard hammock starts to look a lot more appealing than your networking meeting, it becomes all too easy to put off those small but important business-building tasks.

But the less-harried pace of the business during the lazy days of summer may actually provide an opportune time to do a little self development and relationship building.

While I am not recommending taking a hiatus from business building activities,  by sprinkling in a good Personal Development Book and sending some extra thank you cards to your BBQ hosts, you will be setting yourself up for a great rest of the year.

The trick is to work while you play.  Take photos at events and follow up with new people you meet by sending them a greeting card with those summer memories.  This business is supposed to be fun and fits right into the Summer Season.

Many Network Marketers take the summer off.  Just think how far ahead of the pack you will be if you fit your business activities in while enjoying the summer.  You’ll be ahead of the game for the busy fall season!

Strategies to Make Your Business Sizzle This Summer

  1. Meet in person at a park or fun summer spot
  2. Host a party
  3. Launch a gratitude campaign
  4. Offer summer promotions to your team
  5. Read a Business Development book at the beach

And remember…this is the greatest profession in the world.  We create our own schedule, our own opportunities, and are paid to be nice to people!  What could be better than that!?!