Does Your Business Support Your Ideal Life?

So many times in business we feel pressured to set big business goals, without stopping to think about how these goals will support, or HURT our ideal life!

What is your ideal life?

Is it having a nice home with a pool and a fancy car?

Is it being able to send your children to private school?

Is it working half-days so you can be at home with your young children?

Is it taking a week off every month to travel?

Your business should support your life, not the other way around!

You did not start your business so you could spend 12 to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week keeping the business afloat!

You created your business to support the life and lifestyle you want.

This may mean fancy houses and cars, lavish trips and expensive luxury items.

OR…it may mean a profitable business with short, but highly productive hours, quality and quantity of time with your family, and extensive travel and time off.

It depends on what you value most!

I have helped my coaching clients with their goals of making over a million dollars a year!

I have helped coaching clients create a full-time income working less than 20 hours a week!

I have helped my clients figure out their ideal life, and create a business that is designed to support that life!

But, how do you create a business that supports your ideal life?

My proven coaching system will help you figure out exactly what you want in your life in the next year and in the next 2-3 years. I will then help you figure out how to design a business to support that vision and goal. I can help you develop a plan to create THAT business and help you to break down your plan into actionable steps. I can help keep you accountable for taking the right actions, and help you to adjust the plan so that it works and you really do, finally, achieve that business that supports your ideal life!

Isn’t it time you finally got off that hamster wheel of trying to just do more and finally designed a life worth living?! Isn’t it time you created the business that REALLY gives you what your heart desires, and not just what everyone tells you should want or be achieving?!

I will give you a no-cost coaching session to help you discover your IDEAL LIFE.

I am giving away 5 coaching sessions to 5 people to help them get on the right track this January. Schedule your session on my calendar today. SCHEDULE YOUR COACHING SESSION.

Happy New Year and let’s make this your year!