Relationship Marketing for Real Estate is all about providing you with useful tips for increasing your business by getting more referrals and repeat business because you stay top of mind with a powerful tool, CardsForRealEstate.

We encourage you to build a greeting card campaign. This is an effective, yet personal way to keep in touch with people automatically throughout the year using CardsForRealEstate. Save time by creating your cards in advance and let the system send them on the date you want to have them sent.

Schedule Birthday Cards, Home Anniversary Cards, Happy Fourth of July Cards, Thanksgiving Cards, Halloween Cards, Christmas and New Year’s Cards with campaigns. Add a gift item to really make an impact and ensure you stay top of mind.

CardsForRealEstate Campaigns allow you to send:

  • Single card to a single address
  • Multiple cards to single address
  • Single card to multiple addresses
  • Multiple cards to multiple addresses

Here’s a tutorial video showing how easy it is to campaign using greeting cards.

How to Create & Send a Campaign

How to Create & Send a Campaign