How many cards are you planning to send this Holiday season?

But, the bigger question is when do you plan to send them?

Timing your greeting cards and gift sending is crucial for your Holiday marketing since it establishes your visibility and presence in your market.

Send them one week before Thanksgiving and between two to three weeks before Christmas. This will make sure the cards reach your prospects in a timely manner.

You do not want your cards arriving in an overwhelming time such as the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas eve when everybody’s excited for the occasion and overloaded with cards and gifts and frenzied by the Holiday spirit or at a time when they already hit the road for winter vacation.Your ultimate goal is to leave a mark on your past clients memory and create recall.

CardsForRealEstate.com make sure all your cards arrive on time for the occasion not only during the Holiday Season. Send in a card once or twice every quarter for those unpopular holidays or whenever you meet with a person or they close on a property. This strategy creates a continuous stream of relationship marketing, thus always reminding your prospects or past clients that you never stop thinking about them and their business.

Set up your account today and let your cards do the marketing for you.

I’ve helped hundreds of real estate agents like you and received good feedback in building their real estate business with CardsForRealEstate.com. Call me and I will help.